Viking automation equipment has a long and robust history servicing the Automotive sector. Models usually have greater than 10 years of working life and a proven capability to install over 680,000 pa.

Built using the most reliable proprietary component parts, a typical Viking II® system contains a placing head, spent-stem extraction and collection system, pneumatic control valves, a step feeder, and hydraulic power pack.

Placing head elements may be positioned and moved relative to one another to accommodate the requirements of almost any application.

Fast Facts:

  • Fully automatic fastener feed
  • Can be used in combination with robots, NC-axis, or other transfer systems
  • Freely configurable to suit application requirements
  • Step feeder to orient and feed fasteners without damage
  • Can accept quick-release nose equipment
  • Reliable and efficient autofeed equipment
  • Riveting cycle completely monitored by SPC and visualized on the operator interface
  • Process diagnostic options by monitoring system
  • Variety of head configurations to suit application needs

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