To register your company to use STANLEY® Engineered Fastening SupplyNET, we need to know some information about your company and how it operates. The information will enable us to gain a better picture of your company and assess whether there is a potential fit with STANLEY® Engineered Fastening.

The information you enter will be completely confidential and will only be shared with companies within STANLEY® Engineered Fastening and its affiliate companies.

You may be advised to print off a copy of the complete application form which can be downloaded below. This will then give you an idea on the information we require and enable you to prepare the information before submitting an application.

Once you have entered your company's details, a representative from STANLEY® Engineered Fastening will contact your authorizing officer to confirm your agreement to the documents detailed below. Upon acceptance you will then be issued with login details for this site.

Before accessing the STANLEY® Engineered Fastening SupplyNET you should download a copy of our Global Supplier Manual. This has been designed to describe and define the requirements and expectations to serve as a supplier to STANLEY® Engineered Fastening, It is important for you to study the Manual as proceeding with the STANLEY® Engineered Fastening SupplyNET application will require your company's agreement to its principles.

How to Register