It’s challenging and costly to manage the ups and downs of projects. Controlling costs, finding flexible safe solutions, and utilizing each asset to its fullest are a priority for most companies.


Stanley offers the right tools and equipment, at the right time to save you time and money.  Flexible rental offerings available, whether you need a backup device on hand or if a complete solution of tools, equipment, and fasteners is needed Stanley can accommodate. The Stanley Services team will assist in identifying rent or lease-to-own options depending on whether your equipment needs are short or long-term. 


Stanley is your source for renting or leasing equipment and tools. You can rely on our solutions to meet demanding performance requirements and have confidence knowing the equipment will be expertly maintained and supported by STANLEY Engineered Fastening.


Stanley Rental & Leasing Services


Benefits of Renting: 

  • Scale-up for short term projects & spikes in demand requiring immediate increases in equipment
  • Access to reliable & expertly maintained equipment to ensure safety & efficiency
  • Reduce stocking and storage costs for equipment and accessories
  • Reduce initial capital costs necessary for equipment purchases
  • Choose a Rent or Lease-to-Own option for equipment you are evaluating or when you want to try out the newest models before purchase
  • Work with Stanley’s team of experts on a rental solution to reduce:
    • Downtime
    • Spare parts and accessories
    • Consumables