• Improving Uptime
  • Increasing Equipment Reliability
  • Improving Output Quality
  • Ensuring Employee Safety

    These are just a few of the factors critical to achieving operational excellence and the key to any manufacturer’s survival in today’s world.

    Stanley has long been on the leading edge of developments and solutions designed to help customers reach their operational goals. Now intelligent and connected products, data sources, storage, analytics, and insights are taking center stage and Stanley is adapting and embracing change to develop solutions beyond typical models. Stanley’s continued focus on digital solutions will ensure customers have the data they need when they need it so they can make informed decisions quickly.

    Stanley’s team can work with you on your operational needs, including:

  • Smart, Connected Products and Solutions– Data Collection and Manufacturing Metrics
  • Data Storage and Archiving at the Plant Level and Cloud-Based
  • Traceability of Data for Root Cause Analysis
  • Asset Tracking and Utilization
  • Customized Advanced Services – Unplanned downtime reduction, system performance improvement, process integration, intelligent workflows, machine learning, 24/7 service, preventive and prescriptive maintenance, and more

Spotlight on Stanley Innovation Leaders:

As “Industry 4.0” begins to transform the industrial landscape worldwide, as leaders learn to harness Big Data and the Internet of Things to revolutionize the value chain, Stanley Black & Decker is determined to be a leader.

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