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Stanley Assembly Technologies Series B Tools - B33L & B44L Cordless Nutrunners

The new B44L extends the product range of Stanley® Assembly Technologies Cordless Torque Tools. Following the 2018 launch of the B33L, the two tools are the newest product in the our B-Series family of cordless torque tools. This product range offers a full range of precision threaded fastening tools with some of the lightest weight, smallest size, and the only inline and push-to-start features in this class of cordless tool products.

The B-Series line also includes the B12P (pistol and push-to-start pistol models), B12L (angle-lever tool and inline tool), and the B23L angle-lever tool.

Fast Facts:

  • The only 60V cordless torque tools in this class of product.
  • The B33L delivers the highest speeds in this class of nutrunner.
  • The B44L delivers the highest torque in this class of nutrunner.
  • Well-balanced with an operator friendly design for increased productivity
  • Provides visual and audible operator feedback.
  • Closed-loop transducer control and brushless DC motor deliver high performance and reliability.
  • Shipped with one battery pack and one charger.
  • Additional battery packs and chargers may be ordered separately.