Nelson® offers a full line of standard in-stock fasteners for quick shipment, as well as custom-designed fasteners to meet your specific needs. If you wish to see design specifications, special application procedures, and part number information for a particular category of fasteners, choose from the available selections below. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact a Nelson® sales and service expert to find recommendations for your project or application.

Core Construction Weld Studs:

  • S3L Shear Connectors
    • Composite design, joining concrete to steel
    • Increases loading capacity in bridges, buildings, etc.
  • H4L Concrete Anchors
    • Embedment plates
    • Frames and curbing
    • LNG vessels
    • Precast industry
  • PSR Punching Shear Resistor
    • High-shear load areas in concrete construction
    • Reduces the amount of reinforcement needed
    • Eliminates column capitals
  • D2L Deformed Bar Anchors
    • Precast columns & beam connections
    • Shear walls
    • Slab closure angles
  • NEW D6L A706 Stud Weldable Rebar
    • Ductile concrete connections
    • Seismic reinforcement applications
    • Threaded, bent & straight stud applications
    • Coupled connections to main concrete reinforcement
  • More In-Stock Studs
    • ANC Unthreaded Stored Arc® Studs
    • ATC Threaded Stored Arc® Studs
    • ATS Threaded Stored Arc® Studs
    • AXC "Fir Tree" Studs
    • CFL Fully Threaded Studs
    • CFP Small Diameter Threaded Studs
    • CFX Threaded with Special Weld Base
    • CKL Collar Studs
    • CPL Partially Threaded Studs
    • D2L Deformed Bar Anchor
    • H4L Headed Concrete Anchors (HCA)
    • H8L Axle Spring Retainer Studs
    • H8X "T" Studs
    • L2L Lagging Stud with Hole
    • Metric MD Fully Threaded Studs
    • Metric MR Reduced Base Studs
    • NBL No Thread Studs
    • NKL Non-Threaded Collar Studs
    • SC-KRB GMBH Kragenbolsen (Grounded Stud)
    • TBL Internally Threaded Studs
    • TBX Internally Threaded Studs with Special Weld Base
    • TFTA Flanged Threaded Capacitor Discharge Studs
    • TFTC Flanged Threaded Capacitor Discharge Studs
    • TFTS Flanged Threaded Capacitor Discharge Studs
    • TPC Single Pointed Insulation Pins
    • WTOP Short Cycle Threaded with Large Flange
    • Miscellaneous
      • Speed Clips
      • Watertight Nuts with Lock

Need Help Finding the Right Solution?

Let our Nelson® Stud Welding experts provide recommendations for your project or application.


The availability of the products described on this site, and the product descriptions, may vary from country to country. Consult your STANLEY® Engineered Fastening Account Executive or your local distributor for specific product information.