Fully sealed fastening! Our exclusive Closed-End rivet design is ideal for applications that need to be watertight or when stem retention is paramount.

This blind rivet produces a seal that prevents passage of liquid or vapor at pressures up to 100 psi. The seal is possible thanks to a unique cup-shaped end configuration which prevents vapor or liquid from getting around or through the set rivet.

Our Closed-End blind sealing rivets provide up to 23% greater tensile strength than equivalent open-end rivets. Plus, closed-end rivets provide 100% mandrel retention, which can be an important factor in applications such as electric and electronic equipment.

This rivet type is available with dome or countersunk head styles in a variety of material combinations, including stainless steel.

Fast Facts:

  • Blind hole, one-sided installation capability.
  • Unique cup-shaped end configuration.
  • Seals tight, preventing passage of vapor or liquid around or through the set rivet.
  • 23% greater tensile strength than equivalent open-end rivets.
  • 100% mandrel retention.
  • Assembly applications include white goods, electronic enclosures, signs, outdoor cases, scoreboards, LED signs, and recreational vehicles.

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