Nut welding with Tucker® Nutfast® — a reliable basis for all your connections. Welding Tucker nuts to sheet metal makes a fast, cost-effective, and highly resistant connection.

Fast facts:

  • Large scale and force-fit connections with the base plate, hence high resilience (strength classes 8 and 10)
  • Access only needed to one side of workpiece
  • Maximum pressing force when welding (< 300="" n="" />)
  • Very high availability even using flexible robotised mass production
  • Automatic application, low handling costs, up to 30 Tucker Nuts / minute
  • Low energy consumption in comparison with resistance nuts
  • Seamless service right from the start - from nut design to a complete production facility.

More about Tucker® nuts:

The special geometry of Tucker Nuts and a large outer diameter create a highly secure positive bond to the base plate. The Tucker Nut is cold-forged, resulting in its very high internal strength. M5 to M10.

  • Fully automated feed
  • Rounded head to prevent possible damage to cables routed immediately adjacent
  • Can be used as threaded inserts without drilling the base plate
  • For fastening all mounted parts
  • High flexural rigidity

More about Nutfast welding equipment:

Nutfast equipment is customised for your specific application. Robotised, static or manual, exactly according to your requirements. This process guarantees splatter-free threads. The maximum pressing force applied when welding Tucket Nuts makes Nutfast the preferred process for welding on all standard sheet metals, including dual phase steel.

  • DCE 1500 control and energy unit , for up to 5 outlets, with serial or parallel customer interface
  • ETF 46 feed unit for all Nutfast applications, stockpiling of up to 8,000 Tucker Nuts, adjustment control according to charging level
  • LM 245 weld head for static application
  • LM 315 weld head for robotised or static application
  • PLM 205 weld gun for semi-automatic applications
  • PLM 565 weld gun for manual applications

More about Nutfast welding software:

In modern industrial environments it is not enough to know your own processes. It is important that you can make the process available to your customers. It is self-explanatory that STANLEY Engineered Fastening also offers a wide variety of software solutions for its range of hardware systems. The software is available as standard packages or can be customised to suit individual customers' needs.

The Nutfast software range from STANLEY Engineered Fastening offers:

  • Ethernet-based server/client networking software
  • Software for up/download functions of process programs and process parameters
  • Diagnostic tools for operators and maintenance engineers

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