STANLEY® Assembly Technologies, a brand of STANLEY® Engineered Fastening, is extending its B-Series cordless torque tool product line to include the B33L angle-lever cordless nutrunner. Powered by a 60-volt DEWALT® FLEXVOLT™ battery, the B33L has an impressive torque range of 2.8 to 95 Nm, making it the fastest cordless precision-fastening tool on the market.

STANLEY B33L Cordless Nutrunner Tool“The B33L is the powerhouse of the B-Series tool line thanks to the proven FLEXVOLT battery technology developed by DEWALT — another brand in the Stanley Black & Decker portfolio,” said Thomas Ehrhardt, president of the global automotive division at STANLEY® Engineered Fastening. “The FLEXVOLT has 180 watt-hours of run time — that’s equivalent to 80 percent more energy per battery than competitive cordless precision-fastening tools*.”

The speed, freedom and flexibility of the B33L cordless nutrunner allows operators to complete assembly projects quickly and accurately.— Deanna PostlethwaiteDirector of Global Product Management
STANLEY® Assembly Technologies

Driven by a high-efficiency brushless motor, the B33L is built to withstand high-cycle assembly fastening applications. To ensure the threaded fasteners are correctly installed, the B33L sends the operator audible and visible feedback. It notifies the user when it’s ready to cycle, confirms the threaded fastener tightens to the desired specification and triggers an alert if an error occurs.

The B33L has a built-in controller with wireless capability. This allows seamless integration with the plant’s existing communications system. The tool can also store data for up to 500 fastening cycles and two trace sequences to verify fasteners were securely installed during the assembly application.

Available in 3/8- and 1/2-inch square drives, the B33L is ergonomically-designed to balance the operator’s weight, speed, and power needs. The cordless tool gives operators the freedom and flexibility to install threaded fasteners in automotive, truck and trailer, agricultural, and recreational vehicle assembly applications.

The B33L is the powerhouse of the B-Series tool line.—Thomas EhrhardtPresident, Global Automotive
STANLEY® Engineered Fastening
“The speed, freedom, and flexibility of the B33L cordless nutrunner allows operators to complete assembly projects quickly and accurately, helping to increase the quality and throughput of a manufacturing facility’s assembly line,” said Deanna Postlethwaite, director of global product management at STANLEY® Assembly Technologies. “STANLEY® Assembly Technologies also offers B-Series fastening tools for applications that require the same cordless freedom but less torque.”

The B33L is the latest addition to the B-Series cordless tool product line, which includes the lightweight B12P pistol and push-to-start pistol, B12L angle-lever tool and in-line tool, and B23L angle-lever tool. To learn more about the B33L and B-Series cordless fastening tool product line, contact or visit

*Claim is based on the published battery capacity of the Ingersoll Rand 40V Max, 2.5 Ah cordless battery which generates 100 watt-hours per charge.