The city of Perth in Western Australia is home to the newest mega-structure in Nelson's résumé; Optus Stadium. This 60,000 seat oval is a world-class multipurpose venue capable of hosting a range of sporting and entertainment events including Aussie Rules Football, cricket, Rugby Union/Rugby League, soccer, and concerts.

optus stadium perth australia image
Optus Stadium; Perth, Australia

The sold-out "Optus Stadium Open Day" on January 21, 2018 offers tours and details of the venue as well as a stunning audio/visual show incorporating the largest stadia super screens in the southern hemisphere.

The first event will be Sunday, January 28 as Australia takes on England in the "Gillette One-Day Internationals" cricket game. The first concert will be in March with Ed Sheeran as the headliner.

The stadium was built on a 100-year-old sanitation dump site that was prepped for 12 months by "stamping" the area with large weights dropped from overhead cranes and driving 2,000 concrete pylons 35m deep into the ground.

Nelson® distributor/customer Studco, of Perth, Western Australia, supplied all the 250,000 shear connectors to the project in addition to performing the stud welding on the primary beams that were constructed and painted off-site. Studco also assisted in installing studs to the in-ground piling assemblies while the secondary beams were stud welded on-site using the weld-through deck method.

image of nelson's lawrence tan and studco's ben dyktynsiki
Nelson's Lawrence Tan and Studco Owner Ben Dyktynski

Studco's offsite stud welding was done with a Nelweld 4000 and onsite stud welding used the N6000 for the weld-through deck.

image of studco's craig cooper stud welds pylons
Studco's Craig Cooper stud welds pylons

Studco's work began on the stadium in June of 2015, the last stud fired into the support pylon in late 2016.