Modern manufacturing professionals are demanding a cordless blind rivet nut tool that delivers rapid, high-volume placement capabilities from a highly mobile package that eradicates the constraints, limits, and hazards of a compressed air line. With the NB08PT-18 STANLEY have integrated these two critical criteria within one tool, and in doing so, unlocked greater productivity and performance across multiple industrial and ground transportation applications including blind rivet nut fastening for HVAC, domestic appliances, lifts and elevators, seating and interior serviceable components in buses, coaches, trains, just to name a few.


Uniquely portable and operator-friendly

The NB08PT-18 has been designed with the needs of the user at its focus; its lightweight, cordless design allows for greater mobility, user comfort and ease-of-access across a broadest range of applications yet, while also eliminating the hazards associated with trailing compressed air lines. Its compact, ergonomic design and in-built LED light also work to offer greater operator function across tight, enclosed or hard-to-reach applications.

STANLEY Engineered Fastening rebranded products

With the capability to install up to 900 (M6 steel) blind rivet nuts on a single charge DEWALT 2.0Ah battery; as well as the fast charging times and cross-tool benefits that come with a battery powered solution, the NB08PT-18 offers operators unparalleled productivity while cutting unnecessary downtime.

With the NB08PT-18 we wanted to offer operators a blind rivet nut tool with complete mobility: a tool that was both quicker, safer and more efficient.                                                       — Sean McGain-HardingGlobal Product Management Director at Stanley Engineered Fastening      

Robust and reliable with increased quality control measures

Quality fastening is the main key performance indicator for most industrial manufacturers; and as such the NB08PT-18 contains a wide range of quality control measures to ensure repeatable, reliable assemblies with every application. The easy-to-use touch screen control panel allows operators to quickly switch between pull to force or pull to stroke settings to ensure premium performance across a wider range of applications and plate thicknesses.


Onboard poke-yoke and cycle counter displays ensure fewer quality issues across all applications; and reduce the likelihood of incorrectly installed or missing fastenings which can often lead to expensive reworks or possible product recall. The touch screen controls are also password protected to mitigate the risk of introducing unnecessary quality issues; as well as advanced connectivity to allow operators to easily download application data from every job.

Increased output, heightened productivity, reduced downtime

STANLEY Engineered Fastening rebranded products

In addition to complete mobility and increased quality-assurance; the NB08PT-18 boasts several performance enhancing capabilities designed to reduce wasted downtime and boost operator output. The tool incorporates a push-start function that allows the operator to rapidly mount blind rivet nuts onto the mandrel and reduce wasted handling time between fastenings. This feature, combined with tool-less, quick-change nose housing and pull to force or pull to stroke capabilities, ensures we can ultimately offer operators a single cordless blind rivet nut tool of supreme adaptability; capable of delivering multiple applications across a wide range of differing plate thicknesses.

The new NB08PT-18 marks an exciting new development in the STANLEY technology range of cordless tools.Sean McGain-HardingGlobal Product Management Director at Stanley Engineered Fastening
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