Avseal® XT blind breakstem plugs are installed into plain drilled cross holes in hydraulic manifolds and valve blocks to provide a permanent metal seal capable of withstanding burst pressures of over 1,600 bar.

The Avseal XT plug is designed specifically for the sealing of high pressure hydraulics in industrial control gear, ground transportation, agricultural equipment and many other sectors.

The standard Avseal XT range suits holes of sizes 5mm up to 10mm and a choice of SEF placing tools are offered. Multi-head mechanised assembly systems (MAS) and modules to suit robotic arm mounting and automated plugging cells can also be supplied. The Avdel experts at STANLEY Engineered Fastening can work alongside your production line integrator to provide the best solution.

Fast Facts:

  • Blind hole, one-sided installation capability.
  • Fully annealed sleeve yields high sealing performance.
  • Improved seal and wider hole tolerance.
  • Simplified hole alignment when automated placing is required
  • Internal lock. Flat nose tip and ease of use.
  • Improved stem retention and increased vibration resistance.
  • No locking ring formed by nose tip. Standard equipment reduces preventative maintenance.
  • Tapered sleeve and stem allows for ease of entry with standard tooling.
  • Suited to automated systems, seal quality is not operator dependent.
  • Available as a customized design to meet your unique assembly requirements.
  • Popular assembly applications include thin wall applications, restricted space, shorter hole length, high-pressure applications, holes with large tolerance, and automotive low-pressure applications.


  • The standard Avseal XT range suits holes of sizes 5mm up to 10mm.
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