iForm® developed its Optia® coating, a thin-film, lubricious polymer covering that is applied to a wide range of fasteners, to satisfy five key needs of today's electronics manufacturers:

  • Small, reliable fasteners for highly shock resistant products
  • Extremely clean screws for internal assembly of small-fast-high capacity disk drives
  • Zero defect assembly and manufacturing processes to optimize yield
  • Faster assembly through automation and reduced torque-related line failures
  • Globally available product

The unique lubricious characteristic of our Optia® coating enables manufacturers to utilize the fasteners full strength by reducing friction between the fastener's surface and the surface of the mating component. Fasteners with Optia® coating offer low particle generation, non-galling properties and significant mechanical advantage in fasteners as small as MO.8 in diameter.

Fast Facts:

  • Decreased k factor (torque coefficient or nut factor) compared to uncoated fasteners provides higher clamp force with less seating torque
  • Reduced seating torque reduces strip out which enables the use of low profile heads
  • 0.5µm Thin layer coating avoids recess fill and does not require fastener tolerance adjustments
  • Minimized debris generation
  • Compliance with hazardous substances restrictions-RoHS and WEEE
  • Meets or exceeds Class 100 Clean Room requirements

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