The Stanley® WedgeLock™ is a fastening system featuring an integrated design that wedges the fastener in place to resist loosening. The Stanley® WedgeLock™ system is comprised of four parts. The wedge ramps integrated in the fastener-head bearing surface mirror and mesh with ramps designed into the top side of the WedgeLock™ washer. The bottom side of the Wedgelock™ washer incorporates locking serrations that create a secure locking bond when assembled properly. A SEMS assembly process permanently retains the washer to the fastener.

The most common fastened assembly issue is vibration loosening. Vibration loosening carries a huge product liability impact that can ultimately threaten your financial bottom line. The negative effects of vibration loosening include:

  • Liability of injury to end user
  • Perception of poor quality
  • Costly field repair

Fast Facts:

  • Positive consistent mechanical lock
  • SEMS assembly — no lost washers
  • No misoriented washers
  • SKU Reduction 2/3 to 1
  • Single washer system
  • Simplified field service

Stanley® WedgeLock™ Product Description

wedgelock™ explainer graphic

Stanley® WedgeLock™ consists of a special threaded fastener with helical ramps formed into the head bearing surface. These fastener-head bearing-surface ramps work with the ramps on the Stanley® WedgeLock™ washer to provide a positive and consistent locking mechanics. The Stanley® Wedgelock™ washer is further designed with bearing-surface locking serrations that when torqued to the desired clamp load during assembly, embed into the application bearing surface creating a secure mechanical bond.

The Stanley® WedgeLock™ single washer system provides a locking washer solution that minimizes unwanted slippage and reduces variation. This leads to a very consistent and reliable positive locking mechanism. The Stanley® WedgeLock™ washer is retained on the fastener by a SEMS assembly process. This ensures correct orientation of the washer and eliminates the hazards that lost and misoriented washers can cause.

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