Taptite 2000® high-performance thread-rolling screws form internal threads into plain holes in ductile materials upon initial installation. They feature higher strength internal threads thanks to the cold flow/work hardening that occurs during the forming of the nut thread.

The Taptite 2000® design eliminates the need to pre-tap the nut member and reduces problems associated with assembling screws and bolts into pre-tapped holes, such as cross-threading.

Radius Profile™ thread lowers thread-forming torque without sacrificing performance. It also yields a higher, more uniform drive-to-fail ratio and an increased drive-to-strip ratio.

Taptite 2000® fasteners are specially designed to lower in-place fastening costs.

Fast Facts:

  • TRILOBULAR® configuration reduces friction and increases prevailing torque
  • Resists loosening caused by vibration
  • Lower-end load requirements
  • Radius Profile™ thread lowers thread-forming torque without sacrificing performance
  • Roll-forms own work-hardened mating threads
  • Higher, more uniform drive-to-fail ratio
  • Increased drive-to-strip ratio
  • Resist internal thread stripping
  • Excellent axial alignment
  • Higher strength internal threads due to the cold flow/work hardening
  • Formed thread can accept metric fastener


  • Drive Systems: All styles available; TORX PLUS® Drive System recommended
  • Point Style: Standard TAPTITE® point; also available in SP™ (short point) and CA point
  • Materials: Low-carbon steel, medium-carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel
  • Finishes: Will accept all typical finishes

Disclaimer: TAPTITE®, Taptite 2000®, TRILOBULAR® are registered trademark of Research Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc. and TORX PLUS®is registered trademark of Acument Intellectual Properties.

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