Ideal for attaching soft materials, such as plastics and elastomers, to a single thickness of sheet metal, Powergrip® fasteners maintain the integrity of the soft material while providing resistance to strip-out and loosening.


  • Individually engineered to meet the unique requirements of each application
  • Shoulder specially designed to match the thickness of the soft material in each application
  • Serrations and a small undercut on the bottom of shoulder to decrease the distance between the last thread and the shoulder


  • Can be used in a variety of materials, soft or brittle, where there is a chance that cracking or crushing of the overlay material may occur
  • Prevents soft material from being crushed during assembly
  • Increases thread engagement
  • Increases strip-out resistance
  • Prevents vibration loosening
  • Increases torque resistance
  • Provides tight, uniform joint

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