The Plastite® 48 screw combines a unique TRILOBULAR® body with a 48° thread profile to maximize performance and reliability.

The 48° thread profile allows threads to penetrate deeply into plastic material. This generates strong mating threads, helps resist vibration loosening, and reduces probability of strip-out and pull-out.

The proprietary TRILOBULAR® body design features a tri-roundular configuration that allows displaced material to cold-flow back into relief areas.

Two thread-forming styles are available to meet the specific requirements of a wide range of thermoplastics. The twin-helix style works with thermoplastics with a flexural modulus up to 850,000 p.s.i. The single-helix style is best for thermoplastics with a flexural modulus between 850,000 p.s.i. and 1,400,000 p.s.i.

Fast Facts:

  • 48° thread profile
  • Allows thread to penetrate deeply into plastic material
  • Twin-lead design and steep helix angle provide greater shear in soft plastics
  • Reduces possibility of boss failure
  • Increases product reliability
  • Eliminates need for inserts and lock washers
  • Minimizes radial stress
  • Allows design of thinner bosses
  • Generates strong mating threads
  • Resists vibration loosening
  • Reduces probability of strip-out and pull-out
  • Increases holding power
  • Allows faster seating of fastener

Disclaimer: PLASTITE® and TRILOBULAR® are registered trademark of Research Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc.

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