PT® screw provides optimal performance in a wide range of thermoplastics.

PT® screws have a narrow 30° thread profile which minimizes radial expansion and stress in the boss. This allows for the use of thinner bosses, which can reduce cycling times and material usage. It also reduces back-out caused by relaxation, and can increase load-carrying capability through increased thread engagement.

The recessed thread root allows optimal material flow, which minimizes installation torque and improves clamp load.

PT® is suitable for assembly in thermoplastics with a flexural modulus up to 1,400,000 p.s.i.

Fast Facts:

  • Optimizes performance in all types of thermoplastics.
  • Provides maximum resistance to back-out and pull-out.
  • Minimizes boss failure.
  • Narrow 30° thread profile.
  • Optimum thread pitch.
  • Round body.
  • Recessed thread root.

Disclaimer: PT® is registered trademark of EJOT GmbH 

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