MAGTITE® fasteners are specifically designed for fastening into magnesium alloys. They tap and fasten in a single operation, eliminating a costly secondary tapping operation.

Magnesium can be challenging to work with – but MAGTITE® fasteners make it much simpler. Because of its lightweight non-ductile properties, magnesium is prone to galling, cracking, or tearing when traditional thread-forming fasteners are utilized to tap a secure thread. But MAGTITE® fasteners form consistent lead threads allowing an easy-start feature and a thread form which compresses the material promoting significant resistance to vibration loosening.

Other thread-forming fasteners generate considerable debris as they attempt to tap into magnesium, however MAGTITE® generates little or no debris, allowing lightweight magnesium to be used in applications previously not considered.

Fast Facts:

  • Made for use in magnesium alloys
  • Tap and fasten in a single operation
  • Eliminates costly secondary tapping operation
  • Minimizes debris generation
  • Resists loosening caused by vibration


Disclaimer: MAGTITE® is registered trademark of Research Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc.


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