Outstanding engineering and versatility make the Crest CupTM spring washer assembly the ideal alternative to costly helical/flat washer assemblies and most other commonly used spring washers.

Designed with a performance-engineered compression washer to provide a flat and smooth bearing surface. The result is higher tension and a reliable assembly for the life of the product.

When high clamp load is required, Crest CupTM spring washer assembly is the solution.

Ready to meet your assembly needs

Crest CupTM spring washer assemblies are available in virtually any head or thread style, in inch or metric sizes to meet your specific needs. Since Crest CupTM washers are preassembled to fasteners, hand-assembly of loose washers and fasteners - and the possibility of dropped, missing, or incorrect washers - is eliminated. This also simplifies inventory and ordering. The result is higher productivity and further cost savings. Many Crest CupTM assemblies are in-stock and ready for delivery. Please contact your STANLEY® Engineered Fastening representative for more information.

Ideal for use with soft materials

The manufacturing process for Crest CupTM washers forms the burr away from the bearing surface. This provides a smooth edge, which prevents the washer from embedding in soft materials or marring low-ductile materials. The broad surface of the Crest CupTM washer spreads clamp force over a large area, helping to retain tension even in soft materials.

Fast Facts:

  • Ideal for use with soft materials.
  • Stamped into broad pentagon shape.
  • Burr formed upwards, producing a truly flat bearing surface, free of sharp edges.
  • Preassembled to fasteners.
  • Can eliminate double-washer combinations.
  • Eliminates handling of loose washers and screws.
  • Adapts easily to automatic assembly equipment.
  • Maximizes joint integrity.
  • Helps prevent embedding, notching, and marring in application materials.

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