The Grovit® speed fastening system has been in use since the 1960s and continually re-developed for blind hole applications in wood, plastics, fiberglass, and aluminum. The Grovit® rivet also has the flexibility to be used in harder substrates such as metal and plastic.

Annular grooves on the body expand radially during installation to provide a vibration-resistant joint with increased pull-out resistance. The Grovit® is suitable for blind hole applications, and is placed using a unique repetition mandrel system for high-speed assembly.

Fast Facts:

  • Provides a vibration-resistant joint with increased pull-out resistance.
  • Suitable for blind hole applications.
  • Placed using a unique repetition mandrel system for high-speed assembly.
  • Available as a customized design to meet your unique assembly requirements.
  • Can be used to fasten: metal to metal, metal to plastic, plastic to plastic, aluminum alloy, wood, and fiberglass.
  • Assembly applications include automotive, electrical equipment, domestic appliance, and injection-molded components.


  • Sizes: 2.4mm to 4.8mm (3/32" to 3/16")
  • Materials: Aluminum alloy and steel
  • Headforms: Dome/mushroom or countersunk
Grovit® - Series
Material Headform Series
Aluminum Alloy Dome
120° Countersunk
Grovit® 1103
Grovit® 1104
Steel Dome Grovit® 1101


Surface finish options
If you are looking for other surface finish options than shown in the above datasheets please download our

> Surface Finishes and Fastener Matrix for Speed Fastening Systems.

This will show you what surface finish options are possible to apply to our standard fastener types as "customer specials".

Customized Designs
We can design and manufacture breakstem fasteners with a wide variety of forms and finishes to meet your unique assembly requirements. Please refer to this page to find examples of our customized capabilities:

> Speed Fastener - Customized Designs

Installation Equipment
Speed Fastener Installation Equipment can be found at the following page

> Speed Fasteners Installation Equipment

To select the suitable combination of Grovit® nose equipment, mandrel, and follower spring to equip the installation tool, please refer to the Speed Fastening Systems catalog or the tool manuals.


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