Avibulb® XT is a steel blind rivet with a wide grip range. This high-strength steel breakstem fastener has excellent bulbing tail formation as is ideal for thin sheet applications and use with softer materials.

Especially suited for applications with varying sheet thicknesses, Avibulb® XT has the advantage of good hole fill compensating for irregular, oversized, or misaligned holes.

Avibulb® XT is designed for use in applications such as automotive, truck and trailer, heating and ventilation, domestic appliances, industrial equipment, and renewable energies.

The Avibulb® XT fastener can be installed securely in seconds with our Genesis® nG4 tool.

Fast Facts:

  • Structural breakstem rivet.
  • Reliable stem retention.
  • Blind hole, one-sided installation capability.
  • High shear and tensile strength.
  • Multi-grip capability.
  • High residual clamp load.
  • Resists vibration and joint slippage.
  • Good blind side footprint and bulb formation.
  • Spreads the tail bearing load/clamp on the rear sheet.
  • Suitable in softer materials.
  • Underhead recess accommodates burrs around holes and spreads load evenly on top sheet.
  • Avdel® patent protected.
  • Breakstem fasteners can be customized to meet unique assembly requirements.



  • Size: 6.4mm (1/4'') diameter
  • Material: Steel, zinc & clear passivated
  • Headform: Dome
Avibulb® XT - Series
Material Headform Series
Steel Dome Avibulb® XT BN01
Test report Avibulb® XT placed in soft materials


Details can be found in the Breakstem Systems Catalog available in our Document Library.

Surface finish options
If you are looking for other surface finish options than shown in the above datasheets please download our

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This will show you what surface finish options are possible to apply to our standard fastener types as "customer specials".

Customized Designs
We can design and manufacture breakstem fasteners with a wide variety of forms and finishes to meet your unique assembly requirements. Please refer to this page to find examples of our customized capabilities:

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Installation Equipment
Genesis® Range Installation Equipment can be found at the following page

> Breakstem Fasteners Installation Equipment

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