Our proprietary Pull-Thru rivets are the ideal solution when clearance is extremely limited and a flush set to the application surface is required on both sides. Our PT rivet solves these issues in a totally unique way.

As the PT rivet sets, the mandrel head remains integral with the mandrel, assuring no loose mandrel heads in the assembled product. The PT rivet is a steel countersunk blind fastener designed to set surface flush on both sides of an application (blind side protrusion < 0.4mm/0.015").

PT rivets are widely used in the electronics industry where space is at a premium but also lend themselves to many low-clearance industrial applications, like car sunroofs, automotive speakers, home cabinet drawers, and refrigerator drawers, among many others uses.

Installation using our POP® Rivet Presenter (RP) Automated Riveting System facilitates a cycle time as fast as 2 seconds.

Fast Facts:

  • Flush set on both sides of the application.
  • Insertion can be reversed, improving rivet tool access.
  • Unique "Pull-Thru" mandrel. No loose stem heads remain in the application.
  • Consistent clamp force
  • Tight radial set provides increased structural rigidity.
  • Colored mandrels allow for quick visual identification of different part sizes.
  • Blind hole, one-sided installation capability.
  • Assembly applications include electronics, automotive, auto tier, and home & appliance.


Body Material

Mandrel Material

Head Style

Dome Head

Large Flange


C1006-1010 Steel






  • Computer (steel metal) chasses and enclosures
  • PC boards
  • Electronic components
  • LCD panels
  • Communications equipment
Auto & Auto Tier
  • Sunroofs
  • Electronic/audio system components
  • Speakers
  • Cable harness
  • Courtesy lights
  • Switch panels
  • VIN plates
Home & Appliance
  • Cabinet drawers
  • Freezer drawers
  • Refrigerator drawers
  • Tool chest drawers
  • Paneling
  • Small brackets
  • PCB mounting


POP_PROSET_1600 Tool_single


POP® ProSet® 1600 & 2500 Series

POP_PRG510A-PLUS Tool_Single



POP_MCS5250  Inline Tool_Single



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