Masterfix® PLIA rivets are multigrip rivets, offering substantial technical advantages over standard blind rivets, due to their special construction. Designed with a unique hole filling property, PLIA rivets make the size of the predrilled hole less critical.

After setting, the head is retained inside the rivet, forming a high vibration-resistant and watertight connection. Because the rivet forms a larger bulb at the blind side, it is also suitable for softer materials.

The larger clamping capacity of our PLIA rivets equates to inventory savings for customers since the number of positions in stock can be reduced.

Fast Facts:

  • Blind hole, one-sided installation capability.
  • Forms a larger bulb on the blind side making it suitable for softer materials.
  • Larger clamping capacity, resulting in the need for fewer positions in stock.
  • High vibration resistance and watertight connection.
  • Can be used in hard and soft materials.
  • Assembly applications include the cladding, the furniture industry, and construction works.

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