STANLEY® Engineered Fastening can design and manufacture speed fasteners with a wide variety of forms and finishes to meet your unique assembly requirements. Shown below are just a few examples of our customized capabilities. If you have a special requirement which you would like to discuss, please contact your STANLEY® Engineered Fastening Avdel® brand representative.


NeoSpeed® Speed Fastener - Black Anodized Finish

- Aluminium, black anodised
- More wear & corrosive resistant part

Briv Custom Painted

Briv® Speed Fastener - Customer-specific painted finish

- Aluminium
- Custom painted finish

Briv Anodised

Briv® Speed Fastener - Anodized to Customer Color & Head Marking

- Aluminium - blue anodised
- Customer logo on part for tamper resistance

Chobert Speed Painted Finish

Chobert® Speed Fastener - Stand-off Rivet

- Aluminium, natural
- Very large flange shouldered stand-off rivet

Avlug® Miniature Speed Fastener - Solderable Terminal Post

- Brass, Tin plated
- Solderable Terminal Posts, diameter 1.6 mm (1/16")

Avplas® Speed Fastener - Removable


- Aluminium, natural
- Removable fastener for plastics

Miniature Speed Fastener

- Aluminium, natural
- For use in electronic applications, diameters 1.6 - 2.0 mm

Samples of Avdel® Miniature Speed Fasteners

Speed Fasteners - Hose Barb

- Aluminium, natural
- For use on compressed air tubes

Avinut® Magazine-fed metal inserts


- Steel or Aluminium
- For use with thread-forming screws (e.g. Taptite 2000®)

Disclaimer: TAPTITE® is registered trademark of Research Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc.

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The availability of the products described on this site, and the product descriptions, may vary from country to country. Consult your STANLEY® Engineered Fastening Account Executive or your local distributor for specific product information.