Plastic clips for soft trim and covers

Plastic clips for cost-effective and secure fastening of

  • wheel arch moulds
  • aero under shields
  • carpet
  • insulation mats
  • Wheel arch mould fastening

     Fastening wheel arch moulds in a limited assembly space but with simple and fast manual assembly using a plastic clip on a T stud .

    If assembly space is less limited, a snap fastener can be used which is pressed onto a Xmas tree stud . This can also be easily assembled by hand. Both plastic parts are very well suited for use in engines due to their composition and can be used to fasten various covers and soft trim.

    Aero under shield fastening


    At STANLEY Engineered Fastening, the aero under shields are fastened using plastic nuts which are fitted to the trim by the supplier. The nut has a moulded thread to ensure fast and reliable assembly.

    Considerable savings in time can be achieved when fastening aero under shields using stud/clip combinations welded to the body shell. During final assembly, the shield is simply pressed in place.

    Fastening for interior trim


    STANLEY Engineered Fastening offers you the right solution for hole-free, watertight and sound-insulated fastening of interior trim. Plastic clips developed specially for customers' requirements are pre-assembled in the trim by suppliers and during final assembly can be quickly and easily pressed onto Tucker welding studs. The trim can be removed several times without destruction; the same part can be used for all fastening points. This method is very well suited for door interior trim.

    The plastic clips from STANLEY Engineered Fastening offer many advantages:

  • Easy, tool-less assembly
  • Low installation height of clip/stud solution
  • 100% gas-proof and waterproof
  • Corrosion-free fastening in wheel arch exposed to splashwater
  • Clip/stud combination welded to body shell
  • Tool-less assembly of aero under shield by simply pressing on
  • High process reliability
  • Plastic clips for fastening modules and subassemblies


    Plastic nuts for a wide variety of applications.

  • Control units / e-boxes
  • Heat shields / shield plates
  • Accelerator mounting
  • Lamp mounting
  • trays, etc.
  • The STANLEY Engineered Fastening range contains plastic nuts with a wide variety of flange diameters, shapes and lengths for every application.


    Despite saving weight when selecting a plastic nut, you can still rely on high mechanical stability and temperature resistance. This is guaranteed by a specially developed plastic with blended fiberglass.

    The moulded thread is a great advantage. The preformed thread offers a significantly larger adjustment window between screwing-on and thread overtorque; it can be mounted with less torque while increasing the battery operating life. Ideal for thin sheets and sensitive components.


    Modules can be mounted quickly and easily by hand using a pre-assembled plastic clip. The nut is injection-moulded to the clip for a reliable fastening of control boxes and modules.


    Plastic nuts from STANLEY Engineered Fastening

  • Low weight
  • Moulded thread
  • Low torque application-specific design
  • Cost-effective production
  • Optimized for installation space
  • Tucker plastic clips for fastening trim and seals

    Trim and seal fasteners from STANLEY Engineered Fastening

  • Optimum design
  • Technical plastics
  • Long service life
  • Gas-proof and waterproof according to model
  • Trim_Seal

    STANLEY Engineered Fastening offers solutions that are tailor-made to the customer requirements, for example, for components which require several identical fastening points, such as trim or seals.


    New Trim Clip with Metal Insert for Trim without Undercuts

    The advantages of metal insert trim fixings:

  • Considerably lower part price
  • Enormous weight reduction
  • Space optimized design
  • One-piece clip
  • No corrosion in application
  • Higher flexibility in part design
  • Considerable cost savings with trim due to no undercuts
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