Renowned for our torque solutions, Gripco® offers a line of torque nuts that resist loosing of the joint. Our centerlock nuts offer a predictable torque at tension which is important for critical joints. Offered to meet Grade A or Grade B performance specifications.

Our Grade A Centerlock Torque Nuts are manufactured from low-carbon steel to meet Grade A performance specifications. Our centerlock design permits thread start from either end of the nut. These prevailing torque nuts are made for use with Grade 2 bolts.

We also have a version that meets Grade B performance specifications. Manufactured from medium-carbon steel, our Grade B Centerlock Torque Nuts are designed for use with Grade 5 bolts.

All Centerlock Torque Nuts can be supplied in a multitude of finishes and with customer-specific coatings.

Fast Facts:

  • Centerlock design permits thread start from either end of the nut.
  • Consistent torque at tension allows for reliable joint integrity.
  • Meet or exceed all current I.F.I. specifications.
  • Also available in Metric Class 5 through Class 10.
  • Applications include suspension, chassis, body mounts, and manifold covers.

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