A popular solution in the automotive industry, plastic components are easily secured with U-base-style fasteners. This style of product engages into plastic or metal panels and can be used as a common fastener throughout the vehicle.

Our design criteria includes five-time service cycle and ergonomic ease with minimal performance degradation. U-Base Clips are manufactured from SAE1050 material and heat-treated to Rc 42-50.

Various finishes are available for interior or exterior corrosion resistance, and color can also be used to differentiate products. Popular applications are garnish, cockpit, and exterior ornamentation.

Let our engineering staff review your environment and recommend a current-production product, or design a new concept to meet your performance criteria.

Fast Facts:

  • Designed for hidden fastening.
  • Engages into plastic or metal panels.
  • Multiple finishes available.
  • Popular in automotive applications for garnish, cockpit, and exterior ornamentation

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