New materials, new designs, and new interior trim fastening schemes have all been necessary because of updated federal motor vehicle safety standards. Due to this, secondary retention and component movement have become a standard performance criteria for many interior trim parts.

Warren® Tether Retainer fasteners have evolved with these requirements and have been strenuously tested, yielding successful results.

Composite products and all-metal designs with various retaining features are available for review and deployment. Features include: rotational flexibility; 76mm, 124mm, or 19mm stroke; and the ability to secure to a rib or doghouse.

We know vehicle architecture and systems vary, so our designs can be used as the basis for your new concepts to create a safe passenger compartment.

Fast Facts:

  • Designed for hidden fastening.
  • Popular in automotive applications.
  • Help reduce assembly line time and meet safety system requirements.
  • Rotational flexibility.
  • 76mm, 124mm, or 19mm stroke.
  • Secure to a rib or doghouse

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