Look around your car and you are likely to see one of these clips. In the interior you might find our high-retention clips in grab handles, storage bins, DVD players, sun visors, and center supports. You’ll also find this product in coat hook and cargo net mounts, and in the side airbag impact curtain, among other applications.

This style of fastener is mechanically secured to the back side of your component and is serviced upon screw removal. Fasteners maintain installed body position and provide high extraction efforts. Torque-driven tools are eliminated at the OEM assembly plant and retainers are easily installed with a single touch.

Single-helix and multi-thread retainers are available for various slot sizes, setup dimensions, and organic or interior finishes.

Fast Facts:

  • Designed for hidden fastening.
  • Popular in automotive applications.
  • Help reduce assembly line time and meet safety system requirements.
  • No torque-driven tools needed.

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