Compression limiters are non-threaded bushings made of various materials. They are designed with various knurl configurations and undercuts in order to meet the strength requirements of the specific application.

These inserts can be installed with heat or ultrasonics, or they can be pressed in place. Dodge® Applications Engineers are available and ready to assist you in the design and development of the optimum bushing for your application. We can also provide sample parts and test data.

Fast Facts:

  • Eliminate cracking of plastic parts due to bolt load
  • Can be pressed in or installed with heat or ultrasonics
  • Custom-designed for each application

Lead-Free Range Now Available!

We have recently launched a new NEW Lead-Free product offering from Dodge® specifically designed for a variety of industries, including automotive, electronics, and medical. These industries demand the highest standards of quality and safety, and Dodge® delivers just that. With the elimination of lead and other restricted materials, you can trust that our Ultrasert® threaded inserts and compression limiters will meet your specifications and provide the performance you need.

  • Can be installed using existing installation tools and machinery
  • Available in same geometries of our current extensive portfolio of brass and steel
  • Can be pressed in, heat staked, or installed using ultrasonics
  • Drop-in replacement for existing leaded brass and steel inserts
  • Finish requirements to meet your specifications
  • RoHS compliant, ensuring their safety and environmental friendliness
  • Custom Threaded Inserts and Compression Limiters can be designed for your unique applications

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