Ultra-Mold® is for applications where a molded-in design is more economical than post molding. While the trend is to install inserts into thermoplastics by post mold, some highly filled plastics (above 35% fill) will benefit from a mold-in insert design.

Ultra-Mold® is a unique two-piece concept that allows full and complete threads throughout the entire length of the insert. No added material required for imperfect threads and drill point.

Featuring a controlled minor diameter and innovative counterbore to insure accurate positioning and easy bolt entry during final assembly, this insert provides optimum strength in a space- and weight-saving design.

Fast Facts:

  • Space- and weight-saving design.
  • Two-piece design provides full threads through entire length of insert.
  • Eliminates machine chips and oil residue that could contaminate molded product.
  • Unique counterbore positions insert over molding pin and allows for easy bolt entry.
  • Controlled minor diameter reduces insert movement during molding for accurate alignment.
  • Insert flange provides a large bearing surface.
  • Insert design ensures optimum strength performance.

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