Offering fast and easy press-in installation into any type of plastic, Spred-Lok inserts are high-quality one-piece brass, knurled inserts with a unique, slotted, expandable outside diameter. They can be installed in either thermoset or thermoplastic materials.

No special tooling is required; Spred-Lok inserts are simply pressed in. The mating screw expands the insert, locking it in place, and the insert provides a locking action preventing the screw from loosening under vibration.

Fast Facts:

  • Screw expands insert, locking it into place.
  • Fast and easy press-in installation into any type of plastic
  • No special tooling required.
  • Can be used in through or blind holes.
  • Available in standard and flange configuration.
  • Designed for non-critical applications.

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