Get a pressure tight seal while still attaining high tensile and torque loads thanks to the unique anchoring arrangement of Dodge® Ultraseal.

Usually, when an insert is installed ultrasonically or with heat into plastic, the difference in cooling rates of the metal and plastic create a “stress relief zone” or microscopic void between the insert external geometry and the plastic. While this is beneficial in reducing the stress between the two materials, it can pose challenges to those applications requiring a leak-proof interface between the insert and the plastic.

Our Ultraseal insert addresses this situation. A pressure-tight seal is possible thanks to our unique O-Ring feature. It withstands a 600ºF installation temperature and will function at operating temperatures up to 400ºF. When installed into the recommended hole size, it offers a high-performance seal between the plastic and the insert.

Ultraseal pipe-thread inserts provide the high-performance strength values of molded-in inserts while retaining all the economic advantages of insert installation after molding. Post molding reduces open-press time, eliminates scrapped parts or damaged molds from improperly placed inserts, and allows for simpler and less costly molds.

Designed with a taper to permit easy installation and self-alignment, Ultraseal inserts are made of brass allowing continuous assembly and disassembly of mating parts without damaging threads.

Fast Facts:

  • Superior sealing capabilities.
  • Taper design allows for easy installation and self-alignment.
  • Brass construction allows continuous assembly and disassembly of mating parts without damaging threads.
  • Diagonal knurls and fins profile are designed to exceed rotational tensile requirements.
  • Inserts are manufactured in 1/8-27, 1/4-18, and 3/8-18 pipe-thread configurations.
  • Installed ultrasonically or with heat.

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