STANLEY® Engineered Fastening manufactures the high-quality, cost-efficient components your applications demand and we continue to lead the industry though continuing research and investment in new technology, unsurpassed expertise, and strict attention to detail.  Cold forming, or cold heading, forms shapes without causing scrap material. Since raw material can be the most expensive aspect of a part, cold forming is often a lower cost alternative to screw machining and other manufacturing methods. Expanding cold forming technology is allowing increasingly complex components to be manufactured at very high production rates.

Cold Form Special


  • Unique and diverse shapes, including parts with multiple diameters, extrusions, blind holes and through holes
  • Large head-to-shank ratios possible
  • Eccentric or asymmetrical bodies possible
  • Parts can be formed to net or near-net shape, which requires fewer secondary operations to achieve the final shape


  • Improved strength and reliability through work hardening and an uninterrupted grain flow
  • Improved surface finish over screw-machined components
  • Reduced scrap rates
  • High production rates
  • Multi-piece components can be manufactured as a single component

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