SEMS fasteners feature a one-piece screw and washer assembly, which results in a quicker and easier production line over a two-piece screw and washer assembly.

Many fasteners are available as assemblies with captivated washers, collars, specialized stampings, or other components. Captured washers improve productivity; eliminate lost, dropped, or forgotten washers and simplify purchasing and inventory control, as it combines two part numbers into one.

Engineered assemblies, which combine metal, plastic, and other components into one subassembly, are also available.

Fast Facts:

  • One-piece screw and washer assembly.
  • Provides a larger bearing surface area than a one-piece cold formed part.
  • Provides a screw and washer assembly with dissimilar material.
  • Provides a more consistent torque/tension relationship.
  • Distributes the load over a large bearing surface, reducing potential joint yielding.

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