Advanced Lightweight Materials & Manufacturing Innovation Congress 2021 gives new perspective on how engineers can find new and improved technologies for adopting lightweight materials for body, chassis, interior, power train and under-the-hood applications.

You’ll learn about:

DAY 1: Material Selection Process for Specific Structural Components:
Compare holistic strategies – from design to manufacturing – on best practice application of mixed advanced material combinations considering cost, sustainability and compatibility for mass production

DAY 2: Joining Methodology Selection:
The latest innovation advancements on multi-material joining technology & process, with high process reliability, for key multi-material combinations

DAY 3: Improving the Manufacturability of Lightweight Materials:
Manufacturability – considering all costs & risks when adapting manufacturing process to accommodate new materials, joining technologies & tooling setups – how to ensure your multi-material lightweight design is manufacturable

Date:  August 24 - 26, 2021

Location: Virtual

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