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Your Operation is ALIVE with Data… Put it to Work with ELU®



Data permeates every part of your organization, but how useful is it? Without a way to really understand that data and put it to work, it’s just noise.

ELU®, from STANLEY Industrial, is a data services platform, powered by AI and backed by real people, to help you put all that data to work uncovering opportunities for improvement at your facility.

In the digital age, disruption can turn any industry upside down. At Stanley Black & Decker we set out to be not just a leader, but to embrace technological change to become a disruptive force among global diversified industrials and support our customers in their goals of achieving world-class manufacturing.

We have developed an innovation ecosystem and cultivated our culture to realize our vision to become known as one of the world’s great innovators. We have been applying advanced technologies across the spectrum to our products, processes, and business models.

ELU®, Stanley Black and Decker’s new value-added service offering is just one of the many solutions to result from this culture shift.  ELU® is data-driven intelligence in real-time to deliver the equipment insights our customers need. Stanley can now offer customized configurations that integrate next-generation smart tools and automation systems with new data collection software and analysis resulting in actionable equipment insights.


Fully connected Systems resulting in:

  • Productivity Improvements
    • Plant/ line/shift/operator productivity
    • Reduced downtime
    • Asset management
  • Quality & Reliability Improvements
    • Early detection of quality issues
    • Consistent process deployment
    • Asset management, tracking & deployment
  • Improved Safety
  • And more…tell us what your goals are and we will work with you to reach them

While we are proud of the relationships we have fostered with entrepreneurs, academic institutions, and research labs, Stanley’s digital services team is most inspired by our customers.  Close collaboration with our customers, understanding their needs, is how we will reach our vision and uncover the power of innovation in connection with our purpose, “For Those Who Make The World."

Investing In Innovation: Digital Accelerator | Stanley Black & Decker (

This is more than a set of initiatives. This is who we are at our core.

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The answers to all your performance questions have always been in the data. ELU helps you illuminate them and turn insights into impact.

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