Delivering more strength and adaptability than typical rivets, there are many advantages of utilizing Blind Fastening solutions including:

  • Permanent Fastening Solutions: Once the rivet is installed in the application, there is no torque maintenance required compared to other fastening solutions such as a nut and bolt.
  • Consistent, High Performance: Designed and manufactured to tight tolerances, our breakstem fastening systems ensure consistently accurate and secure, high strength assembly.
  • Extensive Product Choice:
  • Strong, reliable fastening independent of operator skill: POP® and Avdel® brand rivets don’t torque out like threaded fasteners, wasting time and material. Correct setting pressure is predetermined by the breaking point designed into the mandrel. Resulting in uniformly strong, reliable fastenings the first time – all the time.
  • Low in-place costs: Real or “in-place” costs are often lower than those of other fasteners because of their speed and ease of application.

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