About the Automotive Global Business Unit

In our Automotive Global Business Unit, you’ll have the opportunity to work with multiple brands in building the future of automotive engineering. Chances are, the automobile in your driveway or the one you gaze at longingly on the television – or both – were manufactured with our help, because when an automobile needs to run at peak performance, it needs the power of STANLEY® Engineered Fastening. Come and be a part of the team that serves this fast-paced, thriving, and critically important customer segment.

About the Role

The Customer Manager leads application and business development. We’ll be counting on you to own your Customer and every aspect of their business. As such, you’ll be the steward of their needs internally and the technical lead on a customer-facing basis, selecting and implementing STANLEY® solutions to meet their challenges – and much, much more. At the heart of this role is the Manager’s drive to contribute proactively to the success and longevity of their customer account, and to the growth of the STANLEY® team overall, by originating innovative ideas and solutions. It’s a fast-paced, high-performance role, and you’ll be in the driver’s seat in a fast-paced, high-performance industry.

Basic Purpose and Objective

The Customer Manager will lead application and business development.

Education Required

Bachelor's degree (preferably engineering degree) or equivalent work experience

Experience Required

3+ years of sales experience with an OEM or large customer

Desired Skills

  • Experience doing application development at an OEM or Tier 1 supplier
  • Strong customer relationship focus
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • About Stanley Black & Decker

    Stanley Black & Decker is a world-leading provider of tools and storage, commercial electronic security, and engineered fastening systems, with unique growth platforms and a track record of sustained profitable growth. Since 1843, our goal has been simple: provide tools and solutions that make life easier. Whether it’s a hammer that punches above its weight while going easy on your elbows, a door that unlocks for you at a glance, or a toolbox smart enough to find a missing socket anywhere in an airplane hangar, our products have a way of making a big impact on your daily life. No matter where you live, what car you drive, what stores you shop at, or what building you work in, you can bet that we had a hand in making it work. And you can guarantee that we’ll keep making it work.

    About STANLEY® Engineered Fastening

    STANLEY® Engineered Fastening partners with leading manufacturers to develop unique, customized solutions and systems for the most complex fastening and assembly challenges in the world. From automotive assembly and industrial construction to computers, mobile telecommunications, solar panels, and appliances, we deliver the right solution, every time.

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