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SKU No : QB5100-XDV

Specialist Lead Wireless Tool Controller

Product description :

STANLEY Assembly Technologies Tool Controller A QBE Specialist Series controller featuring support for an industry-leading 24 trailing spindles (without additional software licenses) including direct support for up to 15 cordless trailing spindles, a display, and internal PLC emulation function. Supported Tools: Communications: Ports: Job Features: Accessories & Configuration:

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8" Color Touchscreen
6 Wireless, 24 Max
No. Spindles
Standalone / Lead
Standalone / Trailing
24V I/O with 8 Inputs and 8 Outputs
Assignable 24V I/O
802.11 b/g/n
Wireless Protocols
STANLEY aTB SupportaTB Port and aTB over Ethernet
Serial PortSerial Port
Supported ProtocolsTCP/IP, OpenProtocol, ToolsNet, PFCS, XML
FieldbusModbus/TCP, Devicenet Follower
Network Ports-1 RJ45 Ethernet Port -1 RJ45 ATB Port -1 RJ45 Spindle Network Port -1 Devicenet Port
Tool ConnectorCordless Only

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