SKU No : PB2500S-NA2032

PB2500 Smart NA version

Product description :

PB2500 Smart builds on the well proven capabilities, quality, and robustness of the original PB2500 tool, to deliver a class leading cordless blind rivet installation and process monitoring system. Maximizes productivity: Installs 1,100 Steel 4.8mm (3/16”) Open End fasteners with a single charge, using a 2.0Ah battery. On-board process monitoring ensures that incorrectly fastened joints are detected immediately, preventing entire batches being affected. Easy to use: Quick release nose housing and jaw guide, quick slide battery installation, LED light to ensure clear line of sight to the application, ergonomic soft grip handle for operator comfort. The built-in touch screen allows the process monitoring system to be easily set up and used.

Technical Specifications

241 mm
76 mm
341 mm
1.8 kG
Battery charge time
30 Minutes
Pull force
8.5 kN
25 mm
Minimum aluminium fastener size
2.4 mm
Minimum steel fastener size
2.4 mm
Minimum stainless steel fastener size
2.4 mm
Maximum aluminium fastener size
6.4 mm
Maximum steel fastener size
6.4 mm
Maximum stainless steel fastener size
6.4 mm

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