SKU No : T451EZM2000

EZM2000 EMEA version

Product description :

Offering additional pulling force, this superior blind rivet power tool combines strength and reliability with an attractive and ergonomically sound design. EZM 2000 tools are equipped with an easy-to-use vacuum retraction system which is activated by simply turning the mandrel collection cup. In position 1 (1st click) the mandrel collector is locked onto the tool with no retraction yet. In position 2 (2nd click) the vacuum retraction is activated. The collection cup is equipped with a silicon bottom providing an escape for excess air as well as a welcome sound reduction when the rest mandrel is released into the cup. The tool is equipped with a pressure-relief valve and the high-tech sealing makes this tool oil service free. In addition, the 360° revolvable air supply unit can be turned in any position so that the hose does not obstruct the work space, providing a comfortable and safe work environment.
275 mm
272 mm
1.65 kG
12.5 kN
Pull force
21 mm
Minimum aluminium fastener size4 mm
Minimum steel fastener size4 mm
Minimum stainless steel fastener size4 mm
Maximum aluminium fastener size6.4 mm
Maximum steel fastener size6.4 mm
Maximum stainless steel fastener size6.4 mm

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