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Blind FasteningStructuralInterlockInterlock 4.8mm [3/16] (6) Steel / Steel Structural Rivet Nuts
SKU No : SSPI-E06-07

Interlock 4.8mm [3/16] (6) Steel / Steel Structural Rivet Nuts

Product description :

1.57-11.1 mm grip with 4.8mm [3/16] (6) Nominal Diameter based on Protruding Head Head Style with Steel Body material and Steel Mandrel material
1.5748-11.0998 mm Steel/Steel Interlock Structural Blind Rivets
product name
4.8mm [3/16] (6)
nominal Diameter
Body Material
Mandrel Material
Zinc Plate
Finish- MandrelZinc Plate
Head StyleProtruding Head
Min grip mm1.57
Max grip mm11.1
Min Grip Inches0.062
Max Grip Inches0.437

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