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Engineering Services

Cross-functional, highly creative, systematic approach and multi-disciplined engineers.

Engineering Services

Fastener Selection
Our Application Engineers work directly with customer design and engineering teams to provide fastener and assembly advice, joint strength & performance requirements, Imperial / Metric conversions, selection of finishes, material and heat treatment selection.

Application Component Design
To Design Your Optimal Fastener Solution

We will use our broad manufacturing capabilities and extensive engineering experience to design the optimal fastener solution if your existing fastener and component styles do not meet your needs. Performance and envelope requirements are defined in order to find the optimal joining solution for your application - from fasteners through to components and engineered assemblies we ensure that they adhere to global standards.

Prototype Samples
From application opportunity to idea generation through concept development, our disciplined prototype sample program can help you solve your challenging fastening problems. Samples from tooling followed by testing and value analysis complete the review and approval process.

Engineering Services

Joint Analysis
Involves the testing and evaluation of application prototypes to help improve design and in-service performance, whilst minimizing manufacturing costs. Our engineering software includes FASTCALC II™ and JointWorks™ and this helps to predict areas of risk and to detect design improvement options.

Model Shop
Our model shop and technical centre are dedicated to stretching the limits of our design and manufacturing capabilities. Our dedicated model shop provides support for major programs where research and product/process development is crucial to bring various concepts to reality. We can quickly produce prototypes and small lot samples for customer testing to ensure these parts meet your exact requirements before production begins.

Engineering Services

Performance and Application Testing
Application testing is an important technical resource for evaluating fastener and joint behaviour. As a world leader in fastener, mechanical and performance testing, we are equipped with state-of-the-art testing facilities to analyze every aspect from the fastener to the entire final assembly including:

  • Tensile / compression / shear
  • Torque / tension with angle analysis
  • Pull-out / push-out
  • Joint durability
  • Fastener fatigue
  • Clamp retention using thermal soak and cyclic test principles
  • Hydrogen related failure from stress corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement
  • Fastener drive system analysis, including drive tip engagement, wear, fatigue, and ultimate strength
  • Joint pressure distribution and leak prevention
  • Molding and optimization of plastic boss designs

The benefits of Application Testing include:

  • Prototype joint research and validations
  • Assembly method recommendations
  • Field failure analysis
  • Equipment / test method recommendation
Engineering Services

We also have the capability to test fastener sizes M0.8 to M25 and portable equipment is available for use on customer assembly lines.

Metallurgical Laboratory: Our A2La-accredited lab provides raw material evaluation, chemical analysis and failure analysis in order to identify and resolve potential problems.

On-site Assembly Evaluations
Organized review of an assembly line to evaluate joint designs and assembly methods resulting in proposal of ideas to reduce overall costs, and:

  • improve product quality
  • streamline assembly methods
  • reduce labour usage
  • minimize component costs
  • reduce scrap rates

On-site assembly evaluations are often initiated in conjunction with a product teardown.

Engineering Services

Product Teardowns
A product teardown is an organized method of disassembling a product to evaluate joint designs and assembly cost drivers. It utilizes the principles of Design for Assembly and Design for Manufacturing.

A Product Teardown's focus is on total cost!

  • disassembly and analysis of an entire product to evaluate each component and joint design.
  • conducted from a manufacturing, service, and end-user point of view
  • utilizes DFM/DFA principles
  • identifies possible cost savings from fastener consolidation or replacement, improved assembly methods and reduction of scrapped rejects
  • includes report and formal presentation at your facility

We have performed over 30 teardowns in the last 3 years, from computer hard drives to full-sized cars.

Engineering Services

Fastener Training Seminars
We conduct fastening technology training seminars for customers' engineers. These seminars can be either market segment or fastener group specific and can deal with common fastening problems and solutions.

Subjects covered in the seminars include:

  • Bolted joint behaviour
  • Torque / tension relationship
  • Tightening strategy
  • Seating torque value development
  • Fatigue considerations
  • Plating and finishing
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Fastening into metals & plastics
  • Imperial & Metric standards
  • Stress corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement
  • Custom presentations to meet specific needs