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Application Solutions

Aerospace Application Showcase

Aerospace & Defense

Whether designed for personal aircraft, jumbo jets, space shuttles, or a long list of military applications... MORE

Automotive Application Showcase


Inside and out, automobiles of all styles and purpose benefit from high-performance fastener and assembly solutions... MORE

Electronics Application Showcase

Electronics & Telecom

The electronics industry relies on a vast array of fastener and assembly systems to ensure precision products... MORE

Appliances Application Showcase

General Industrial

Whether residential or commercial, the manufacture of appliances requires an array... MORE

Agriculture Application Showcase


Heavy-duty equipment requires heavy-duty fasteners. STANLEY Engineered Fastening plays an important role in ensuring safety and reliable operations... MORE

Medical Application Showcase


Medical equipment utilizes an array of fastener and assembly systems that provide... MORE

Energy Application Showcase

Recreational Equipment

The recreational equipment market relies on fast paced product innovation and high aesthetic requirements... MORE

Transportation Application Showcase


Whether on the go or within transportation hubs, the transportation industry...MORE