Formerly Emhart Teknologies & Infastech

Threaded Assembled Products

Engineered Fastening offers an array of threaded assembled products used in industries around the world.

Threaded Nut Assemblies

A Gripco® nut assembly is a pre-positioned fastener assembled to one or more components. The three types of fastener assemblies under the Gripco brand are staking, clinching, and welding. Products include cage nut assemblies, clinch nut assemblies, weld nut assemblies, flag nut assemblies, handle nut assemblies, and T-nut assemblies. Critical joint applications include body-to-frame, suspension-to-frame, and engine cradle attachments.

Internal Locking Thread Systems

Threaded assembled products from Spiralock® include fractional hex flange nuts and metric hex flange nuts. Spiralock weld nuts dimensionally conform to IFI standards. Standard plating is clear zinc chromate.

Screws & Bolts

Crest Cup® and Other SEMs Fasteners are one piece screw & washer assemblies. Many fasteners are available as assemblies with captivated washers, collars, specialized stampings or other components. Engineered assemblies, which combine metal, plastic and other components into one subassembly, are also available.