Formerly Emhart Teknologies & Infastech

Screws & Bolts

STANLEY Engineered Fastening offers a broad range of different types of screws and bolts from iForm® and other brands. The product range includes e.g. Thread Forming Fasteners, Micro Machine Screws, Clinch/Staking fasteners.

Thread Forming and Tapping Fasteners

These fasteners available from iForm and others eliminate tapping operations while forming strong threads in metals, plastics or magnesium die casting or other low ductile materials.

For plastics:

  • Delta PT® - Thread forming fasteners for plastic and composite materials
  • DST Thread-Forming - Allow increased thread engagement in softer thermoplastics
  • Duro PT® - Engineered to meet the demanding requirements of fastening in thermoset plastics
  • Plastite® 45 & Plastite® 48 - Thread-forming screws for thermoplastics
  • PT® - Screws for thermoplastic
  • Pushtite® - Thread-forming screws for plastics
  • Remform® - Thread rolling fastener for plastics and light alloy materials

For metals:

For magnesium:

  • Mag-Form® - Threaded fasteners for magnesium die castings
  • Magtite® - Thread-forming fasteners for magnesium

Machine Screws

Our Machine Screws are cold formed to fit global Industry Standards as well as customer specific Standards. We produce Machine Screws, Micro Machine Screws, Shoulder Screws and Socket Screws and can also provide machine screws with the Acupoint® anti-cross threading feature.

SEMS Fastener

Crest Cup® and other SEMs Fastener are one piece screw & washer assemblies. Many fasteners are available as assemblies with captivated washers, collars, specialized stampings or other components. Engineered assemblies, which combine metal, plastic and other components into one subassembly, are also available.

Clinch and Staking Fasteners

Octolok® high performance staking studs and nuts from iForm and other clinch products are used for sheet metal assemblies. The self-clinching technology eliminates secondary welding processes.


STANLEY Engineered Fastenings broad screws & bolts product range also include iForm's Camtainer® for GRP assembly and other fasteners for special industries like Railway or Panel Fasteners for panel assemblies on Networking / Telecommunications.