Formerly Emhart Teknologies & Infastech

Plastic Fasteners & Clips

STANLEY Engineered Fastening designs and develops highly engineered plastic fasteners for the automotive industry.

Plastic Fasteners

Warren® plastic fasteners are ergonomic, economic, efficient attachments that provide true value to the customer. Trust Warren to ensure that your fastening and assembly requirements are met.

Plastic Fasteners & Weld Studs

Tucker® plastic fasteners and weld studs are used in numerous areas of industrial manufacturing. Drawn Arc Stud Welding forms the metallic "no-hole" anchor point to fasten application-engineered plastic fasteners during assembly.

Plastic Clips

Plastic clips from Warren are an essential component of the STANLEY Engineered Fastening "stud and clip" system: a stud forms the anchor point for application-engineered plastic clips during assembly. The most reliable and cost-effective fastening solution in the automotive industry.