Formerly Emhart Teknologies & Infastech

Lockbolt Systems

Avdel structural Lockbolt Systems are specified whenever robust and reliable fastening is desired. They consist of a separate pin and collar which are mechanically locked during installation:

  • NEW - NeoBolt® non-breakstem steel fastening system with unmatched vibration resistance for heavy duty applications.
  • Avbolt® heavy duty, high strength, tamper resistant, blind steel fastener.
  • Avdelok® high strength, vibration resistant lockbolts with high, controlled clamp.
  • Avtainer® high strength, steel fastener and shell designed for joining composite panels to metal.
  • Avdelok® XT heavy duty, two piece large diameter lockbolt fasteners providing a high strength assembly.
  • Maxlok® high strength, vibration resistant lockbolts with multi-grip capability.